Blaze GT

The Blaze GT is our new full reflex paramotoring glider that offers exceptional speed and stability. It is designed for advanced paramotor pilots looking for an easy to use glider with a wide speed range.

Benefits of Reflex and Sporty Handling

For flights of long duration in full reflex mode the Blaze GT can be comfortably controlled using the wingtip steering handles. They are perfectly placed on the risers and ingeniously designed to mimic the lighter forces of serial brakes. Wing tip steering handles are held in position using elastic lines and can be secured to the risers by either neodymium magnets or with press button snaps.

Blaze vs Blaze GT

Compared to the original Blaze the Blaze GT offers higher speed range when using trimmers. Trike and quad pilots can easier achieve higher speeds. It features new airfoils, optimalizated line attachments and line geometry. The miniribs on trailing edge improve performance.

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