I got a chance to air out the new Eden 5-24 that came in only yesterday. I opened her up and was pleasantly surprised at the obvious upgrades, like C rod technology in every cell and ultra thin risers. It did not take long to realize that MacPara has dramatically raised the bar for the Eden lineage.

The Eden 5 is a deluxe B class glider in every respect. I did a forward launch into very light conditions this evening and the Eden 5 came up very easy and straight. I was flying my new MiniPlane and when I committed to power I almost jumped off the ground, even with a Top 80. This wing has incredible lift! I remember thinking while looking down from close to a thousand feet that it seemed like only thirty seconds had gone by.


Throughout the flight I continued to be amazed by the gliders efficiency, thinking what a great free flight wing the Eden 5 would make. The turns are a lot flatter than with the Muse 3RS or the Chronos which makes sense if it is designed for thermaling. But it still feels sporty enough for most pilots. I did let the trim out at one point and spiraled down several hundred feet. The spiral was very non threatening and easy to get out of safely. With the trim full out the wing definitely felt more sporty in turns.

I managed to hit a couple of pockets of mild turbulence and was impressed with the Eden 5's stability. I could tell that it has been designed to feel what the air is doing which is important for good thermal pilots. Which leads me to believe that for a pilot who wants a superb motoring glider that is also an awesome free flight wing, the Eden 5 is a great choice. Or if you are someone who is on the border of being to heavy on a smaller, lighter engine like the MiniPlane, the efficiency of the Eden 5 with a near 10 to 1 glider ratio could help you out. And of course pilots launching from high altitude will appreciate the Eden 5's efficiency. As I came in dead stick for the landing I encountered some moderate turbulence, and again, the glider handled it with ease.

The landing was fast as there was only a whiff of wind but when I flared I came to a complete standstill without having to run it out. The Eden 5 holds impressive energy for landings.

Can't wait to fly her again at the beach tomorrow.