Paraglider Reviews

by Andy McAvin

Testpilot: Jeff Goin

Jeff Goin tries out the new Charger, a full reflex wing aimed at newer pilots.

Mac Para’s new Charger adds a unique capability to their lineup. In the realm of pilot desires, it scratches several interesting itches, primarily a desire to go faster with the safety of a reflex and the easier ground handling of a beginner planform. Less common would be for a budding competition pilot.


I got a chance to air out the new Eden 5-24 that came in only yesterday. I opened her up and was pleasantly surprised at the obvious upgrades, like C rod technology in every cell and ultra thin risers. It did not take long to realize that MacPara has dramatically raised the bar for the Eden lineage.

The Eden 5 is a deluxe B class glider in every respect. I did a forward launch into very light conditions this evening and the Eden 5 came up very easy and straight. I was flying my new MiniPlane and when I committed to power I almost jumped off the ground, even with a Top 80. This wing has incredible lift! I remember thinking while looking down from close to a thousand feet that it seemed like only thirty seconds had gone by.