Andy McAvin

Instructor and owner

About Andy

It has been almost 20 years since Andy took his first solo flight in the chilly morning air of the NM desert. And from the moment his feet left the ground he knew he was hooked! Many years later, with over 4000 flights (and still counting), he is still excited about powered paragliding, and even more so, about getting other flight enthusiasts safely into the air.

TX Flysports opened it's doors in 2000 and has seen over 500 students go through flight training under Andy's diligent and safety oriented instruction. Several years later he helped found the TX Wingnuts flight club which has been running strong ever since with hundreds of members and an annual October event.

In 2004, Andy was featured in the classic ppg movie, INTO THE WIND, created by local filmmaker Chris Page. INTO THE WIND was filmed on location in several states, including Colorado, where in one film sequence Andy had to run nearly a quarter of a mile to get airborne while launching at 9 thousand feet in challenging conditions. INTO THE WIND went on to win several awards and was shown on PBS.

In the early years of powered paragliding there were very few qualified instructors, so Andy spent a lot of time traveling throughout the US and to different parts of the world, including Hawaii, Belize, and the United Arab Emirates. Recreationally, he has had the pleasure of flying, both with a motor and without, in South America and Mexico over the years.

Before his life as a 'wingnut' he had a successful career as an actor, appearing in over a hundred professional theatrical productions (including Broadway). He also did hundreds of commercials, both on-camera and as a voice talent. Most recently, he was a popular voice in animated films, a list of which can be found online by going to or

Andy McAvin ( About )

Owner and chief instructor of Texas Flysports with over:

  • 18 Years of experience
  • 4000 Flights
  • 500 Students trained
  • 3000 Hours spent in air



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